I’m moving …


I'm moving ...

Thank you everyone for reading my posts.

My human has persuaded me to close down this blog & has helped me move to http://www.mewsandmusings.blogspot.co.uk

She seems to think it will be easier for us to manage our online lives from there … I don’t know; but for once I’ve just done what she’s told me!

I hope you’ll follow me over on my new blog … I’ve already posted a few photos & short blog posts on my human’s mobile phone when she wasn’t looking!

Although it’s not quite ready yet, I’m also going to have a page of my own on my human’s new website … http://www.therapywithsharon.co.uk She promises me that it will be up and running within the next week or so.

I hope you’ll come & join me in my new online home …


Talking with Humans


My human and I are very best friends, and both her & I thought that every other cat and human relationship worked the same way.  It seems that we were wrong though.

Snuggles with my human

At the weekend, I had a bit of an embarrassing problem … I hope you’ll not be too shocked by me talking about it on here!?  I came down with cystitis.  I’ve had it before, so I remembered how nasty and uncomfortable it is in my tummy and little girlie bits.  I didn’t want to suffer any longer than I had to so I knew that I had to be brave and just tell my human what was happening.

I knew it would be fine, because she’s lovely … but it’s still a little bit embarrassing!  But I knew she would help me fix it so I just had to be brave …

I went into her room where she was playing on her computer & I told her (with lots of insistent miaowing) that I needed her to come with me.  She soon got the message(she’s good at listening to me) and came with me.  I think at first though, she thought I was asking her to open the door for me so I could go outside … she still sometimes gets it wrong when I talk to her; you’d think we were speaking a different language!  As I’ll tell you later, I understand her perfectly clearly!

Anyway, I just kept walking past the door & went to my litter tray.  Obviously, she knew something was wrong, because as you know, us cats don’t like to be watched whilst we’re ‘busy.’  I had to suffer the indignity of her watching me whilst I  … well; you know what.  I told you this was embarrassing!?!  She could see it was uncomfortable for me (the pained expression on my face was a bit of a give away) and so afterwards, she took a look & noticed the diluted blood (ouch!!). 

As I’ve already told you, I’ve had cystitis before, and of course she remembered, so she phoned the vet (they’re an odd species, but somehow have the power to make us poorly cats all better!) & we went in that horrible moving thing which makes me cry all the time till it stops.

When we got to the vet … yet more indignity as he examined me.  He asked my human how she’d known I had a problem, and when she said to him that I’d told her, he just looked at her as if she was mad!  What’s odd about that?!  Don’t all humans and cats talk to each other?  She had to explain to him exactly how I’d told her … the vet was amazed! He said it was very unusual and that she and I must be very intune with each other !?!

My human and I were both shocked.  We thought it was just normal.  If it’s not, then I worry about all of those poor lonely 

humans out there who aren’t fully appreciating their feline friends!

And then tonight, we had another moment.  I’d ran into my human’s study where she was talking to another human.  And as you do, I just ran and jumped up onto this other human knee … it looked like a very comfortable human knee.   I made myself comfortable and she was giving me wonderful head tickles; so wonderful I got lost in the pleasure for a while.  If I’m honest, I’d drifted off & thought I was on my human’s knee … she’s very good at the head tickle, and if she’d not getting it quite right, I just push my head into the right position!  She knows what I’m telling her & shifts her fingers to suit me!

Anyway, I suddenly realised where I was!  “Oops!  I’m not on my human’s knee … she’s sitting over there on the other side of the room!  Oops!”


I felt guilty and a bit sorry for her, so I jumped straight off & ran across to her, rubbing my head around her legs, telling her that I was sorry that I’d been unfaithful. 

She said to me, “It’s okay, you’re allowed to sit on there!”

 “Phew!” I thought.  “What a relief.  I hadn’t wanted to upset my human; she irritates me at times, but I do love her!”

So, after that, I just turned and jumped straight back on the client’s knee.  She laughed though!?  And she said to my human; “Wow!  That was amazing; you’d think she’d really understood what you’d said!  You told her she was allowed and she came straight back!”

Stupid human!  Of course I understood!  What does she think I am?  A dog?!

Definitely not a plug in cat …


I’ve got no idea what my human was thinking about when we took this photo.  She does take an awful lot of me … which I guess tells you how much she loves me, and it’s also useful to have them to post on here!

In fact, I’m not sure she was actually thinking when she took it … it seems a bit clever for her, because not only did she take a lovely photo of me (there can be no other kind!), but she managed to catch the screensaver photo of Scrumpy (the cat who lived with my human before I moved in) and also her own reflection … bet she couldn’t do that again!



                        I also seem to have  wire coming out of me …   I AM real …   I’m definitely not a plug in cat …

PhD Reading & Purple Furry Comfy-ness

PhD Reading & Purple Furry Comfy-ness

I don’t know if I’ve told you about the PhD my human is studying for?  I had no idea what a PhD was, but I now know that it involves a lot of reading – books, stuff on the computer, magazines (she call them ‘journals,’ but they just look like dull magazines without pictures to me!) & piles of paper she keeps in files – & a lot of writing, both in books and on her computer.

I like to have a look at what she’s doing … but I think I annoy her sometimes.  I’m not sure why.  Take this morning as an example.  She’d had her shower & so was smelling lovely & sat down on the sofa in her nice warm dressing gown for a while & began to read one of her books.  I thought it would be a nice time for a cuddle & a snuggle in the warmth of the purple furry dressing gown … it’s lovely to lie on.  Reminds me of my gorgeous fur … except for the colour.  Obviously.

So, up I jumped & began licking her & rubbing my head against her face … just showing my affection & trying to get her attention.  Obviously I’m much nicer to look at than a page full of words.   But she kept moving away from me.  And then I tried to get comfy on her knee … & she kept shuffling around.  Especially with her arms.  She had one of her books in her hand & I know she was trying to read it … but I wanted a cuddle!  I wanted a nice warm snuggly sleep on that nice warm furry dressing gown.

I had a look at the book … it was quite interesting, but I couldn’t really be bothered to read it.  She was reading about the role of the therapist’s body in the counselling room.  Interesting stuff & I know that that’s a part of what her PhD is about … but still; you’d have thought she would have put it down so that she & I could cuddle & snuggle.  She can be really selfish sometimes.

Anyway, we eventually managed to reach some kind of compromise, where I was nice and comfy and she was able to read her book around me.  I don’t think she was as comfy as I was, but my comfort is what’s important anyway, isn’t it?! …



Musical Musings …

Musical Musings …

In our living room, my human has a big brown case.  Until recently, it’s mostly just sat there, closed, on the floor, and it’s just seemed that it’s been taking up valuable claw sharpening carpet space.  Occasionally, she used to open it and inside was a strange shaped wooden thing … a curvy body with a long neck and skinny head with little knobs on the side.  And then it had long wire things that she pulled at and somehow made sounds from.  Some of the sounds she used to make with it were really nice and I liked to listen to them.  I was surprised that she didn’t make those sounds very often because she always seemed to be enjoying herself when she was playing with it.

I overheard her talking about it one day, and it seems to be called a ‘guitar.’  The previous humans I lived with didn’t have such a thing, and I’ve never seen anyone else with one out in the streets around our home.  So it was a really interesting thing for me the first time I saw and heard it.

I should warn you though about those wirey things … sometimes she puts the guitar on the floor & she unwinds the knobs and takes them off.  Seems a bit of a strange thing to do because it makes no sound when it isn’t wearing them!  But she cleans it & then she gets some little square packets, inside of which are nice neat little circles of wire.  She uncoils them though … and they’re dangerous!!  I got such a shock when I went closer to get a good look at one of them and it suddenly jumped out at me.  Let me tell you, those ends are sharp and I don’t want my nose scratched by one of them again.  Sharper than my claws … if that’s possible!

I’ve digressed though … Recently she’s taken the guitar out of its case and it’s standing in our living room at the side of the fire.  It looks really nice there and it’s a nice companion to my scratching post at the other side.  I don’t think she’d be happy if I scratched it in the same way though!  To be honest, it wouldn’t make a good scratching post; it’s smooth and shiny.  Nothing to get your claws dug into!

I like the sounds she’s been making, and I hope she keeps on with it.  She seems to be happy just now and I heard her telling someone that she’s just written her first song for 15 years. Which I think is a long time.  Songs seem to be sounds played with the guitar which have words attached to them.  The human puts the words together and she makes her voice make different sounds as she sings them along with playing the guitar.  I think she’s quite clever really … although I wouldn’t tell her that!  She makes different shapes with her fingers on the guitar’s neck whilst her other hand pulls at the wires further down.  Or sometimes she uses a little bit of white plastic which she moves across the wires, and this somehow makes a bigger sound, which I like. And at the same time as she’s doing this, she’s making all of those different words and sounds with her voice.  I’ve got to admire her for that!

I’m going to say goodbye for now because I can hear her playing it again, and I want to go and listen to it …

My (un)Furry Tummy


My human completely misunderstands me at times … although I do have to give her some credit for helping me to understand myself …

When my old human family threw me out in the snow it was a tough time for me.  Us cats, as I’m sure you know, like our comfort and warmth.  But for a while I found myself having to live outside in the snow … and I didn’t like it.  I didn’t like it one bit; I was cold, hungry anunhappy.  To give myself something to do, I used to wash myself; and wash myself lots.  Again, I’m sure you know that us cats like to keep ourselves clean and looking good … but I think I went a little bit too far back then.  I had nothing else to do you see and I was a bit paranoid about becoming dirty and smelling living outside. The best thing about it though was that my tongue was nice and warm when I washed it over my body … especially over my tummy.  Mmmm … that warm, rough tongue felt wonderful caressing my tummy …. Mmmm ….

 …. Oops … I got a bit side-tracked there remembering ….

Washing myself so much felt nice, and it was a bit of a (sorry, I now see) substitute for the loving stroking and petting that humans are so good at.

I discovered this photo (right) on my human’s laptop a few days ago, and I can now see how overboard I went with the washing … can you see all my baldy patches?!  I was in a bit of a state when I moved in with her, wasn’t I?!

It’s from reading her books and listening in to some of these counselling sessions that she has though, that has helped me see why I became so obsessed with cleaning myself, and my tummy especially (my tummy is also the easiest place for me to reach with my tongue!).

In humans, I believe they call it ‘self-harm,’ and humans do things like cutting themselves with knives and razor blades, burning themselves, or starving themselves, doing too much exercise, drinking nasty stuff like bleach, and a whole lot of other things I don’t even want to think about.  But ‘self-harm’ seems like a silly name for it for me.  It’s not about hurting yourself … or at least, it wasn’t for me (although I have learned that some humans do do it to hurt themselves; sometimes as a ‘punishment’ for something bad they think they’ve done, or sometimes because they’re in so much emotional pain that they can’t bear it.  And turning that emotional pain into a concrete, physical pain makes it easier for them to deal with.  It’s a fascinating subject isn’t it?  It’s not at all like what it seems initially).

For me, my ‘over-grooming’ (that’s what the odd people at this strange place [the ‘’vets’ she calls it] my human keeps taking me to in a cage, call it) was about trying to make myself feel better, a way of comforting myself when I was cold and lonely, a way of filling time when I had nothing or no one else to fill it with.  Yes, I guess the results (the bald patches, the cuts, the burns, etc) aren’t nice, but the process of getting them is very comforting …

Anyway … once I’d decided to stay with my new human and knew that I’d like living in her house, I realised I didn’t need to keep washing myself so much.  Her house was nice and warm, and there were lots of nice cosy places in which to sleep.  She fed me well … it’s lovely … but don’t tell her I said that!!

But … I’d already learned that my bald patches, and especially my baldy tummy, caused her some concern.  She kept looking at my tummy and asking me where all the fur had gone.  She took me to the ‘vets’ a few times, and they kept looking at my tummy … I have to admit it was quite nice!  I have a lovely tummy, and it’s nice to have people looking at it and admiring it!  But it seemed to be causing my human a lot of worry.  I know this, because she told everybody about it, and I kept hearing her say how she wished she knew what was causing it.  She tried allsorts to try to make it grow back.  She removed the cosy blankets she’d bought for me, thinking I was ‘allergic’ to them (whatever, ‘allergic’ means).  She changed her washing powder, she kept changing my litter, which I wasn’t happy about (how would you like it, if someone kept changing your toilet?!), she changed my food, etc. etc. etc.

But how on earth did she think she could do anything to make the fur on my tummy grow back?  I’m the only one who could decide to grow my fur back.

And I eventually began to feel sorry for her, after yet another visit to the vet and yet another discussion about my ongoing baldy tummy … why couldn’t they just leave it alone?  Maybe I was happy with my baldy tummy?  Don’t these humans, shave and wax a lot of their fur off?  It has to be said that their fur is a sorry substitute for the luxurious fur of a cat, so I don’t blame them for wanting to get rid of theirs … but maybe I just wanted a nice fur free tummy?!  But I could see that it was troubling my human, and I didn’t want to continue doing that to her … who knows where it would have ended.

She’d decided to try yet another thing to make my fur grow back … a ‘diffuser’ which plugs into the electricity socket and apparently works like one of these ‘plug-in air fresheners’ that humans use.  But instead of freshening the air, it diffuses cat pheromones.  I knew she’d feel good if she felt that she’d found the thing that caused my fur to grow back, so I thought it would be a good idea to stop over grooming my tummy once she plugged this thing in and let my fur begin to grow back.

I know it cost her a lot of money, and I know they don’t last long, so she has to keep buying refills for it, which I feel a bit sorry for her about, because she didn’t have to waste her money on it.  But I also know she feels good, because she believes she’s solved my ‘problem’ and she’s so happy to see my fur beginning to grow back on my tummy.

Who knew that a furry tummy could cause so much pleasure …




Introducing you to Odd Claws, the Contraption and Confidentiality


What on earth has she brought into my house now? …

My human quite often leaves me alone in our house and I’m left wondering where she’s gone. Don’t get me wrong; I like being left on my own because it gives me a chance have fun without her constantly admonishing me for the things I like doing. I get to sharpen my claws on that lovely wool carpet I’ve mentioned before, I can play with the tissues she leaves out in the counselling room and lots of other things that I’ll tell you about sometime.

She does tell me where she’s going, but really I don’t know why she bothers because the things she says are quite often meaningless … ‘work;’ what’s that? And isn’t that what she tells me she does in the counselling room? So why does she sometimes go out to do it? Does she have another counselling room somewhere else?

Now ‘shopping’ I like the sound of.  She comes home with bags full of things I like to sniff and paw at (but for some reason she tells me off for doing this?) … and there’s usually food and biscuits in there for me. But I’m digressing again …

Last night she told me she was going round to ‘Odd Claws’, the human who is her ‘best friend,’ whatever that means.  Seems to me it means a human who can talk a lot, eat a lot, and drink lots of wine … at least that’s what happens when Odd Claws comes here.

I think I should tell you here that ‘Odd Claws’ isn’t the other human’s real name; or at least it’s not what my human calls her, it’s what I call her to myself. Why? Well, she has these really long, odd shaped claws at the ends of her fingers, which constantly change colour. Every time I see her they’re a different colour and sometimes they even have patterns or sparkly stuff on them! No self respecting cat would ever allow themselves to be seen with such odd looking claws. To give her credit though, they do feel extremely lovely when she uses them to scratch the top of my head. She’s good at finding that exact spot right between my ears … purrfection! I don’t understand why my human doesn’t seem to like it when I use my claws to scratch her in that way…

Another reason I’ve changed her name is to protect what my human calls ‘confidentiality.’ Apparently, confidentiality is one of the most important things in counselling. I think it means that you’re not allowed to talk about what’s been said in that counselling room with anyone else. And that apparently helps clients (what my human calls the people who come to talk to her in that room) feel more relaxed and feel safe to say whatever they need to say to my human when she’s being a counsellor.

It also, I think, means calling someone by another name so that when you’re talking about them, no one will recognise who you’re talking about …. hence my very kindly calling human’s best friend ‘Odd Claws’; no one will know who I’m talking about. You’ll also notice I’ve not told you my human’s name; that’s for this confidentiality thing too.

And … I don’t want to get into trouble from my human for writing about her. I’m happy for you to know my name though. And one day I’ll tell you the story of how I came to be called ‘Elsie’ …

Back to the point though …

After being out for a long time, my human came clattering in through our front door, making a lot more noise than usual. I immediately went to investigate and saw her pushing this monstrous device into the passage. I’ve seen these things before; humans sit on them and they seem to help them move faster. Humans sadly, only have two legs and they can’t move as quickly as us cats, and they sometimes need help to move around more quickly. They’ve got two wheels with a seat on top (it’s not very comfortable … I tried it last night when she’d gone to bed, but I’ll not be using it again) & a stick across the front which I think helps them turn the thing round. Looks like hard work if you ask me, but humans obviously need them to compensate for their design flaws … they’re badly designed compared to the purrfection of us cats.

So anyway, it seems like I’m stuck with this contraption in the middle of my passage … right in the way. I love playing in that passage, running up and down it, sliding my toys around on the shiny floor … and now there’s this thing stuck in the way. I’m not happy about it. And I can tell you, it’s not going to stop me playing … she should be warned … it’s not my fault if the thing happens to fall over when I’m playing …